The TorchKit framework is designed to allow users to integrate Torch projects into an existing iOS application that uses SceneKit. If the application does not currently use SceneKit, the TorchKit sample application is an example of how to integrate it into a standard iOS application.

TorchKit Features

Asset types

  • 3D Models with Animation
  • 2D images, including transparency
  • Video, including transparency

Object properties

  • All transform properties (position, rotation, scale)
  • Visibilty
  • Color
  • Spin
  • Face Camera

Interaction triggers

  • Select
  • Gaze at, gaze away
  • Enter proximity, exit proximity
  • Scene enter

Interaction responses

  • Property changes
  • Scene change
  • Open URL
  • Call API

Tracked images

  • As a scene anchor
  • Tracked image found and lost triggers

Getting Started

Please see the detailed Getting Started Guide